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The happy couple

Toy Design

Let’s design a toy together! twitch.tv/spoonhandle 10:30 Pacific

Almost done with Skyrim themed wedding cake toppers. Watch them get finished live tonight at twitch.tv/spoonhandle 10:30PM Pacific
Been playing too much Skyrim. Saw these and wanted to pick them for potion ingredients.

I’m Catbug!

If you have not had a chance to see the Bravest Warriors on Youtube, do yourself a favor and do so. It is a great show from the creators of Adventure Time. I love Adventure Time, but after watching the first season of Bravest Warriors, I have to say I prefer Bravest Warriors. Especially because of the character of Catbug. 

As soon as I saw some episodes with Catbug I knew that I had to make a sculpt of him. Particularly after seeing the minisode 'Dramabug

Previously I have shown progress photos while making a custom or sculpture. This time I decided to do a video. As my first video I am a total n00b and put the camera at a terrible angle, but you can see the progress of making Catbug and his toys. Next time I’ll do better, I promise. 

There is not video of the painting of the toys or highlighting Catbug. I completed him while at PAX so was not able to record me finishing it up, but there is a photo at the end showing the completed project. 


Finally all done with the little guy.  ”He…. is…. you!”  ^.^


I know it says to do so on the bottle, but does anyone else think putting Ketchup in the fridge is weird?

Not a fan of cold ketchup.

Come say hi to Catbug, Sir Jeffers and Rebecca. On display at booth 6202.
Progress shot. Almost done.
My next project. Hope to have him completed and on display during PAX next week.